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(Randomly Meeting) This Modern Love

School in Manhattan

Just started a series on Technorati called (Randomly Meeting) This Modern Love. It’s essentially a relationship column that goes in a bit deeper to a number of things from this blog.

Do me a favour – read it, comment, and tell people about it? Hoping that it’ll be picked up for the whole year. Let’s see how it goes.

Gotta change my posting schedule slightly cause of it. Haven’t figured out what yet but you’ll be the first to know.


Her: What do you think?

Me: We’ll have to see what the judge says. But we’re right – that means something.

Was in court again yesterday for a client.

The thing with an argument is that y’get all positional – you don’t want to win so much as y’want the other guy to lose. And sometimes y’take what you can. It’s hard breaking through when someone’s locked into their position. Logic just takes a back seat to angry.

Luckily though, the client was able to shake off her angry. We won. And by “won” I mean that she got what she wanted in the first place.

Her: It’s good, yes?

Me: It’s better than good. (patting her on back) See? I told you you’d be happy.

Celebrated my first win with a donut. It wasn’t whole wheat but, eh. Sometimes y’take what you can.

Location: Yest., a court in Queens
Mood: hopeful
Music: I’m tired and unwilling
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