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We make rules for a reason

You know why you have rules? Because when you were thinking clearly, you set up what you were supposed to do.

I’m always alright

Me: Is it that you don’t want a relationship or you don’t want a relationship with me?
Her: (pause) Couldn’t take another failed relationship, Logan. I can’t. (looking at me) Are you alright?

My fishes keep committing suicide. They jump outta the tank and flop around my floor. They did it tonight when someone was over and she screamed. Dammit, I’m down to one George.

Met up with some blue eyes on Friday to a downtown rooftop where I took a picture of the pier above.

Met up with some green eyes on Saturday where I went to the pier above and took the picture below of the rooftop I was on Friday. My life goes in these funny circles.

PCD made me laugh recently. She kept her promise to stick around. Heartgirl told me that we’re not dating cause we’re beyond that. So I told her she should wind up and swing. She said she couldn’t. Said I understood – but only cause I didn’t wanna know. Trust me when I tell you, you never wanna know why.

Have a secret I’ll tell you someday. But not now. For now, I repeat that my life goes in circles. Said it before, you keep doing what you do, you keep getting what you get. Keep getting what I get cause I keep breaking my rules.

You know why you have rules? You have rules so you don’t have to think. The decision was made a long time ago when someone, hopefully you, were thinking clearly. I’m always tired – never think clearly anymore.

I just keep screwing things up cause I keep breaking my rules.

The girl that screamed went to church with me tonight and walked me home. Just before George jumped outta the tank, she also asked me if I was alright. So I turned to her and put on my best face.

Me: I’m always alright.


Sometimes if you put something into the aether, it becomes true and it’s a good thing. I am alright. Just gotta follow my rules. I’m always alright. George on the other hand…

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Music: Don’t wanna leave you but I can’t stay anymore.

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hahaha i'm laughing at poor george's fate. i had two aquatic frogs in jr high… freddie, and.. can't remember the other one. the fat one. but one day we came home and there was only the bigger one… twice as big as freddie. and no one else. we think freddie commited suicide too, and jumped through the little hole in our second floor floor. he always was sort of… a spazz. that, or the big one ate him. he did look … bigger. we never could figure out how one frog could eat another one. but never got funny smells coming from the hole.i'm not laughing at the rest. i'm still digesting the rest.

I like to mix the funny with the other stuff so I'm glad that you're laughing.I don't get it – they live in a 92 gallon fish tank with regular feedings, a strong heater and no predators. It's like fish paradise.I don't get it…

Your suicidal fish might end up in the novel Iā€™m writing. Your blog is a goldmine of ideas!

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