Susie Brown’s between awake & dreams

Been thinking about names again. Y’ever notice that Susie Derkins‘ the only character in Calvin and Hobbes that has both a first name and a last name? Or that Charlie Brown’s always referred to by his full name?

Guess it’s cause, even if they didn’t think so, they were somebody to someone. The things you think about when you can’t sleep…

Met Heartgirl’s parents. Good people. And, unlike my my usual modus operandi, I neither broke anything nor fell down any stairs (see my 25 things from two years ago). Actually, that’s not true, I did actually stumble a bit down the stairs but no one heard or saw, so don’t think that counts.

Her: Do you want fruit, pie, or coffee?
Me: Yes, please.

Stairs – my mortal enemy. Sleep – my elusive drug.

The insomnia’s back. Been lying on my bed in that haze between awake and dreams.

Imagined I was chewing gum and it turned out to be an earplug. Imagined if I choked and died? How embarrassing – hope that someone’d cover for me.

Used to wonder if I were a main character or a bit-player.

Suppose we’re all a main character to someone. Man, despite the lack of sleep, starting to believe that it might almost matter.

Location: a brown leather sofa
Mood: beat
Music: So many dreams swinging out of the blue (Spotify)

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HAHAHA i'm glad you didn't choke on the .. gum. 😛 and the place between awake and dreams… sometimes the best thoughts and ideas come out of that place. i guess that must be the silver lining..and yah i agree… you're always the main for one story, bits to others… the venn diagram of life!i hope you find your sleep soon.

I'm glad I didn't choke either.Used to have some of my best thoughts at night but, then again, I used to have some of my worst thoughts as well.A toss up, I suppose.Thanks for the comment.

I hope you fall asleep soon! My insomnia is a month early and hopefully it'll end a month early.

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