Why I don’t curse casually

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Continuing with my last post, you can probably tell now after four years that I don’t generally curse.

Don’t think I’ve ever told you why so now’s about as good a time as any:

Up in Cornell, there’s a small gym in this res hall called Dickson. Used to go there with my buddy Eric all of time. One night, about twenty (20!) years ago, these two pretty girls were working out there and I started chatting them up – eh, it’s a hobby.

After about ten minutes, they got up and quickly left the gym and I turned to Eric and said, “What’s their #$@#$ problem?”

Eric, disgusted, put down his weights and said, “You’re kidding me right? You talk like you’re from the gutter, every word was ‘f___,’ or, ‘s___’ or, ‘m___f___’ – and you’re a English major? What’s your problem?” He stood up and left too and I sat there, mortified. Never heard myself speak before; my voice.

Sounded like what’d you expect from a fella born to penniless immigrant parents outside an industrial park in Queens, New York.

Said once that someone else’s opinion of you’s nonea your business. However, your own opinion of yourself is your business.

My opiniona myself at that moment was less than stellar.

Stopped cursing casually that day twenty years ago. Don’t hold others to the same standard; just a personal choice I make for myself.

Look, sometimes something happens where the only adequate response is WTF? But most times, another of the 880,000 words in the English language’re probably better.

Then again, this is just my opinion. And what’s my opinion, really?


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that's so funny. dickson! brings back good memories. but i have no recollection of there ever being a gym. and what was the study hall downstairs called… the morgue was donlon's.

When did you go to Cornell? Maybe they pulled out the gym and put in a study hall. That would be sad for me – everything I remember is just in my head now.

the year i remember it there was '95. but now that i think of it… i think it turned into a computer lab by the time i graduated :/

Haha..I enjoy your blog and I see where the girls were coming from. Not Cursing has been a personal goal of mine for a long time and i'm about half way there.

It's not easy and, like I said in the blog, some times there's not better word than a curse. It's the *casual* cursing that I think bothers people.

Thanks for the compliment on the blog. I try to keep it true and interesting.

I can kind of relate to what you're talking about with the cursing issue. I'm a second year attending a university and since my freshman year, my cursing has gotten worse. I never notice how foul my language has gotten until I go home and my parents comment on it. They're pretty liberal and I feel comfortable enough around them to say "the f word" and other curse words. But I realized every other sentence out of my mouth was a curse word. I'm not necessarily putting people down, but its rude and inconsiderate to those around me to use potentially-offensive words. I don't hold others to that standard either, but I do hold myself to that standard. Its hard to change, and I admire you for recognizing that habit and having the will to change it.

It's good that you're trying, I think. As I said, I don't think that there's anything wrong with a curse here and there but it loses it's impact when it's just tossed about; sometimes you just *have* to let loose, and that's fine. But the casualness of it these days really bugs me.

Hey, how did you find me? I'm always curious – and thanks for the comment!

I have got one recommendation for your website. It seems like at this time there are a couple of cascading stylesheet problems when launching a number of web pages inside google chrome and firefox. It is running alright in internet explorer. Possibly you can double check that.

Thanks for the heads up – I'm not sure what I can do about that – I mucked around the site but couldn't recreate it.

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