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Owning up to mistakes

Her: …I liked Capture the Flag.
Me: “Capture the Flag?” Never heard of it.
Her: Really? Well, there’re two teams and you run after the other and when you tap…
Me: That sounds terribly violent.
Her: (shakes head)

Been thinking a lot about having a kid. Like to be a dad but dunno what’s in store for us. Suppose the only thing to do is to keep the head down and clock those dollars while we wait for him or her.

Speakinga clocking dollars, got screamed at by one of my newest ones cause of a rookie mistake I made; been doing what I do for over a decade and I’ve never made this mistake but the client wanted a rush job so I rushed and screwed something up. So the client tore inna me.

While I wouldn’tve made this mistake had I not been rushed, it was still my fault. I should have either turned down the gig or done it right. Since neither happened, it was ultimately on me. It was a stupid, embarrassing mistake so I let him finish yelling at me, apologized, and said, “Lemme make this right.” Spent the resta the day trying to make it right.

The thing with being in the service industry’s that, even if you’ve had a client for a decade and’ve never screwed up, you just need one mistake and you’re gone. Just the way it goes.

Mistakes happen, not much you can do but apologize, learn from them, and move on.

On a brighter note, over the weekend, went out for dinner with the wife. We don’t go out much any more so it was like going on a date; we laughed about our old lives. We’re gonna try and do that more often.

Also, got a letter from Gshok. Opening up the mailbox and pulling out something that’s not a bill or ad’s rare for me. I think I’ll do the same for her today.

It’s a rainy Monday but good weekends usually carry me through to about Tuesday.

Location: chair, listening to the rain outside
Mood: tired
Music: In this world, it’s hard to get it right
YASYCTAI: Incorporate the words “big pimping” into a sentence with someone today. (10 secs/1 pt)

7 replies on “Owning up to mistakes”

yah.. i hear you about the service industry note…. sad πŸ™

glad you have such a good attitude about things. i think that makes all the difference.

Well, it turns out that I wasn't wrong after all! But I'm a bit unsure how to bring the matter up again; I feel it may make me look petty, but on the other hand, there's someone running around the world that thinks I do shoddy work.

Adulthood is no fun.

found you through BlogExplosion, just wanted to say that I've always had an appreciation for lawyers, sounds like a stressful job, eek! My lawyer is a little crazy, rude, and SO hard on me (family court, he tells me I'm naive and need to stand up for myself more!.. and everything else I've ever done wrong! lol) but I appreciate him completely, especially after some of the duds I was stuck with before! Admitting a mistake makes you just that more trustworthy, in my books πŸ˜‰

Hello there, Jade! First of all, thanks for commenting but also thanks for telling me how you found me – I'm always curious how someone comes across me.

Well, it turns out I wasn't wrong after all but it's a bit hard to bring it up now and not look petty – but I appreciate all the kind thoughts. πŸ™‚

I see you're on "networked blogs" – I keep thinking I should do something like that…

I am barely even sure how to work NetworkedBlogs, I'm still searching your page trying to figure out how to follow or subscribe! lol…..and I call myself the daughter of a computer techie!

Shoot – I only have an RSS subscription feed. That reminds me to look up some plugins so that people can "follow" this blog.

Technology – there's always something new to add/learn…

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