Being busy with actual life

Bar on the Lower East Side

A project I’ve been working on for a while now just came through. More details as it gets closer to actually happening.

In other news, been busy with actual life. Nothing terribly interesting for anyone that’s not me but I gotta stop saying I’m gonna finish something and just finish it.

Location: in front of a hot cuppa coffee
Mood: great, really
Music: Once upon a time, somebody ran.
YASYCTAI: Man, are y’ever gonna finish writing that manuscript? (years it seems/3 pts)

7 Replies to “Being busy with actual life”

  1. I do hope this new project of yours has something to do with a short film someone promised us a long time ago…

    Love the photographs on the banner btw.

    1. Ha, that's yet another Rain/Logan project that we can't seem to find the time to get together and do. This comments reminds me that I have to give him a call.

      As for the photo, I'm actually playing around with different WordPress skins so that's not something I took. Dammit, so many little things I need to do!

        1. hahahahaha – that's quite the large picture.

          Can you let me know if you got a notification that I responded to your comment?

          1. Sweeeeet! So this thing works. Great. Now I just need to change this skin; well, project for the weekend then.

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