Sleepy Logan and Bachelor Cooking

Last night was particularly rough in terms of the insomnia.

Don’t write much about it any more because if I did, this blog would be one endless post about my not being able to sleep peppered with occasional mentions of rum, wrasslin, fencing, and dropping something. Managed to get about three hours of sleep last night with a client meeting this morning at 9:30.

And I think I’m coming down with something.

When I was younger, used to get a lot done when I couldn’t sleep. Had a separate persona I called Sleepy Logan who did all sortsa stuff for me.

For example, on more than one occasion, I’d wake up and there’d be a pot of chili sitting on my stove and I’d think, “Ah, Sleepy Logan made some chili.” Amongst other things, he’d also learned German, organized my books by colour, and renamed my files to “subject –”

Now I just lie still and hope to catch just a little more sleep.

I’m told it’s the better way to go but on nights like last night, wonder if it’s just not better for Sleepy Logan to visit.


On a somewhat related point, my brother asked me about the old Bachelor Cooking episodes Rain and I did and realized they weren’t up any longer. So I’m reposting episode one. Rain’s probably got a better quality version somewhere.

Partly because of this video, made a concerted effort not to talk so much with my hands.

It’s not been all that successful. Even less so when I get no sleep.

Location: somewhere between kinda awake and kinda asleep
Mood: exhausted
Music: nothing to do waiting for the sun to rise

Still (sorta) Goal-Oriented

Location: 13:00 yest, Allen and Stanton
Mood: busy
Music: Comment faire verrai-je un jour la fin de ce calvaire

girl in a cat costume hula hooping in Central Park

Back to our regularly scheduled nonsense. Told y’about the pic above, yeah?

Him: Can I tell y’something?
Me: Y’know me, I’m a vault. Nuthin you’ve ever told me in a decade’s ever come out.
Him: (sarcastically) Yeah right, what about that time you got hammered on Scotch and you told everyone about…wait a sec, that was me.
Me: Sheyeah…

Ran around Chinatown today and stopped by Rain’s. He and I’re somewhat unique in that we both got enormous NYC pads despite, or perhaps resulting in, our never having any coin.

Now he’s got dogs now running all over the joint. Not a dog person myself. Not an animal person in general – unless they’re slow roasting with some lemon and salt. Kidding! (sorta)

Y’know, this book Animals Make Us Human says that all animals are wired to feel four emotions – three negative and one positive. They wanna avoid:

  1. pain
  2. fear; and
  3. panic; but they desire
  4. a goal. Any goal.

Cattle, apparently, are pretty happy cause they got all four.

Think we’re the same way. Said it before, the purpose of life is to have purpose. Realized tonight that my best friend was missing having a goal and that was getting to her.

Back to Rain, we (sorta) got a new goal – pitched him another non-income producing art project along the lines of Bachelor Cooking and 72nd to Canal – and he seemed to be pretty positive about it.

Lemme piece something together and we’ll see what happens.


Also in the book is that, apparently, we never know what cats’re thinking cause they don’t have eyebrows.

YASYCTAI: What are your goals for the day? Week? Month? Year? (60 mins/2 pts)

Bachelor Cooking Ep 2 Outtakes

Location: 14:30 yest, speeding down the 495
Mood: busy
Music: Take it slow Take it easy on me

This is, IMHO, one of the funniest things we’ve done together. If you’ve watched none of the others, watch this one.


I spoke to a friend recently about my now pretty much dead dating life.

Him: Really? Nuthin?

Me: I got zero time. (thinking) Although, do you remember Brunette Stockbroker from that office party? Well, she did slip her number into my shirt pocket before the end of the night. I might…

Him: (interrupting) You know that she’s X’s girlfriend, right?

Me: (sigh) Well, now I do…so yes, nuthin…

Bachelor Cooking III

Location: finally back home
Mood: freezing
Music: I foresee terrible trouble And I stay here just the same

I should note that I (a) really needed a haircut, (b) was wearing a REALLY large tee-shirt and (c) I had little sleep before the shoot. But I thought it was funny, even if I look terrible.

This week, I’m posting nothing but vids – no pics.


I worked most of the weekend however I did venture out at night. Friday was a story in itself but I ended walking some two miles home in the cold just because I was awake. For a moment I almost called someone that I knew I shouldn’t but by then I was already sober. Just as well.

Saturday, I spent about four hours in the gym. I met up with in_a_silver_bag at night because she was in town. She and her friend were troopers and braved the freezing cold to have some of my favorite aged rum with me.

She told me that I was pretty much like I am in my blog. I think that’s a good thing.

Sunday I saw Rain, L and company for a short holiday party after church. It was good to see them again if only for an hour.

There’s never time enough.

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