Why are we so violent?

I’m surprised at how often this blog has entries about some random shooting. Maybe I shouldn’t be.

Won’t be surprised when I read when someone says the shooter wouldn’t hurt a fly.

America has an odd fascination with violence. Statistically speaking, it’s the most violent developed country in the world. There’s something in the grain of our existence where everyone thinks he’s Pacino or DeNiro, ready to die like a hero. Or a villain.

Don’t know why that is.

I love the film Fight Club not because of the violence but despite it; remember thinking that the Hollywood writers of it must never’ve taken a punch in their lives. It warps people’s views of what real violence is like just like it warps the view of what real love is about.

A friend recently said that capitalism sucks and I said that it was the best of a poor lot of choices – what is the alternative?

Also offered that it wasn’t capitalism that sucks but people.

Then again, perhaps there’re more Marian Fishers in the world than we know. One can only hope.


Saw another friend for dinner the other night at a Basque restaurant on the west side of town.

She’s at a crossroad with life. Suppose we’re all at similar points in our lives with regularity. But that’s her story and not mine.

Told her that I wished I could offer her some good advice. She said that it was ok, she just liked talking it through.

I get that.

In fact, I have a whole blog that’s nuthin but that.

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My opinion only, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the U.S. does not require military service. The fascination with guns and shooting people, according to military folks I've known, tends to decrease for those who are thrown into a real war, as opposed to the ones in their imagination. This doesn't explain the vets who go on to commit their own mass shootings, but it does explain a lot about the violence. Again, IMHO. But consider who commits these mass killings: male, youngish, and most often non-vets.

You know, I never thought of that and that certainly sounds logical. I don't think that most people are exposed to the effects of violence beyond what's shown on television. Someone takes a massive beating and then shrugs it off and is cracking jokes the next day – that simply doesn't happen.

I wish I had some brilliant solution but there just doesn't seem to be any.

There has always been people who are mad at the world and wants to do bad things. Only difference today is that the tools are more accessible and there is a bigger audience.

Very true. The fact that people can look at Kim Kardashian and know that she shot to fame via a sex vid seems to say that it doesn't matter how you become famous, once you do, you can get past that. It's a strange world we live in now

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