Another day, another hurricane

Waiting for Sandy in the UWS

Empire State Building against a cloudy sky

Her: I’m heading to Duane Reade, do you need anything.
Me: Not that I can think of.
Her: What about that section with all the random crap?
Me: Isn’t the whole store just a buncha random crap?

Staying home because of the Hurricane Sandy. Lemme just say that the old saw that you can feel storms approaching via injuries it totally true; my knee has been absolutely killing me for days now and today is no different.

Just like when Hurricane Irene came a year ago, we prepped by charging our batteries, filling the bathtub with water, buying water, and making sure the chili and rum stocks were full.

As I write this, there’s lull in storm at least on the UWS; we’re told it’s going to pick up dramatically in just two hours or so.

Gotta say that having my leg in this brace is a bit worrying but I’m hoping it’s nuthin.

On another point, if you’re trapped indoors and looking for something to do – because of the storm or otherwise – I’m trying a new coupon promotion for my book The Men Made of Stone.

If you have an ebook reader, you can get a copy for $0.99 via coupon code DA49V by clicking here.

And now, I’m off to try to do something to get my mind off this @$#@# leg of mine…

Location: same chair
Mood: discomforted
Music: been locked out of heaven for too long
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  1. it's very windy here in chicago. a side effect of the hurricane y'all experienced. glad u all survived!

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