We’re ok, but it’s been surreal

Hurricane Sandy was much more than we anticipated

The Ansonia aka 666 Park Avenue against a cloudy night skyWe were/are amongst the very lucky in my little town as we have heat, hot water, and electricity. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rest of the city; a number of my friends have lost electricity.

We’re on a subway line that has some of the more extensive flooding so we’re stuck here for a while; moreover HG’s office is completely without power so there’s no real sense in her getting to work even if she could.

Also, my family is (very thankfully) fine but her parents had a tree fall on their house and no electricity.

A few friends of mine have to still go to work because the city workers want them to go so that means multiple bus transfers.

Lived here in NYC my entire life and I’ve never seen anything quite like this. Irene last year was a whole lotta nuthin. This is a whole lotta something.

It’s interesting but it’s the immigrants that are keeping this city humming. The Southeast Asian cabbies, the East African Domino pizza guys, the Korean deli owners, the Chinese restaurant owners, etc.

From what my friends told me, some of them were working the entire time the hurricane hit. Crazy.

Would write more but I’m off to my physical therapist who somehow made it into work and is ready to work on my knee.

I’ll be back.

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Another day, another hurricane

Waiting for Sandy in the UWS

Empire State Building against a cloudy sky

Her: I’m heading to Duane Reade, do you need anything.
Me: Not that I can think of.
Her: What about that section with all the random crap?
Me: Isn’t the whole store just a buncha random crap?

Staying home because of the Hurricane Sandy. Lemme just say that the old saw that you can feel storms approaching via injuries it totally true; my knee has been absolutely killing me for days now and today is no different.

Just like when Hurricane Irene came a year ago, we prepped by charging our batteries, filling the bathtub with water, buying water, and making sure the chili and rum stocks were full.

As I write this, there’s lull in storm at least on the UWS; we’re told it’s going to pick up dramatically in just two hours or so.

Gotta say that having my leg in this brace is a bit worrying but I’m hoping it’s nuthin.

On another point, if you’re trapped indoors and looking for something to do – because of the storm or otherwise – I’m trying a new coupon promotion for my book The Men Made of Stone.

If you have an ebook reader, you can get a copy for $0.99 via coupon code DA49V by clicking here.

And now, I’m off to try to do something to get my mind off this @$#@# leg of mine…

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