We’re ok, but it’s been surreal

We’re amongst the very lucky in my little town; the same can’t be said for everyone. It’s interesting that it’s the immigrants keeping the place humming along.

Hurricane Sandy was much more than we anticipated

The Ansonia aka 666 Park Avenue against a cloudy night skyWe were/are amongst the very lucky in my little town as we have heat, hot water, and electricity. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rest of the city; a number of my friends have lost electricity.

We’re on a subway line that has some of the more extensive flooding so we’re stuck here for a while; moreover HG’s office is completely without power so there’s no real sense in her getting to work even if she could.

Also, my family is (very thankfully) fine but her parents had a tree fall on their house and no electricity.

A few friends of mine have to still go to work because the city workers want them to go so that means multiple bus transfers.

Lived here in NYC my entire life and I’ve never seen anything quite like this. Irene last year was a whole lotta nuthin. This is a whole lotta something.

It’s interesting but it’s the immigrants that are keeping this city humming. The Southeast Asian cabbies, the East African Domino pizza guys, the Korean deli owners, the Chinese restaurant owners, etc.

From what my friends told me, some of them were working the entire time the hurricane hit. Crazy.

Would write more but I’m off to my physical therapist who somehow made it into work and is ready to work on my knee.

I’ll be back.

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Oh, I’m finally on Twitter if anyone cares: @Logan607

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7 replies on “We’re ok, but it’s been surreal”

I'm glad you're okay! I've seen pictures around the web and it looks bad. I have a friend in the Queen's who lost electricity and a friend in NJ who had a tree fall on their shed in the backyard. I'm glad everyone is okay though.

Also, I thought you already had a twitter! Or well, for your book 😛

I'm glad I'm ok too! Yes, the whole "trees falling" thing is pretty serious; last year I heard a number of people died days after Irene after a water-logged tree fell on top of them.

Yes, I had twitter for the book but just never really got into it. I'm trying to give it another go with my personal one.

It must be a scary thing to experience. The closes (is that a word?) is being stuck at work in Orlando last year during a storm and a piece of a tree fell right in front of my store. Still, it was pretty nerve wrecking. I couldn't imagine a WHOLE tree.

Twitter's kinda fun, if you use it the right way (:

Ha – I'm not a 100% sure that's not slightly photoshopped.

I'm going to try but my readership has taken a nosedive since I got married – mainly because who wants to read about a happily married guy in NYC. But I keep writing if for no one else, myself. I keep thinking I should do something to increase readership but then something shiny distracts me.

I've been keeping track of coverage and was happy for you guys once I heard the UWS was up and running (I have a friend there too who updated on Facebook). Glad you guys have the basic comforts many other don't, and it's wonderful to hear you can go to physical therapy.

Yeah, things are outrageous out in the 'burbs. I have YET to hear a peep from my family. One of my cousins on LI said a few houses on her block went on fire. My parents live on a lake, right on the water..

Thanks! We've been incredibly lucky and are grateful for it. Yes, physical therapy isn't fun but it's a necessary evil and something that I guess I just have to do. No fun at all.

Family is funny like that sometimes; I'm lucky in that my family is pretty proactive with telling everyone what's going on, so I know that my fam is ok. Hopefully yours are as well.

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