Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy

Had a big thing happen, made a vat of chili, and found out I could drink all the coffee I want. On whole, not a bad weekend – minus the medical bills.

Something about a freezer full of chili makes me happy

The Professor was in town and came by last Friday for an early breakfast. He took a quick look at my leg while he was here.

Him: Well, now’s a good chance for you to get some definition into those flabby and amorphous legs of yours.
Me: Did you just come into my house, drink my coffee, eat my food and call my legs flabby and amorphous?!
Him: Yup.

In actuality, I’ve been working them out every day. And – here’s the big thing:

I can bend my bad leg 155 degrees as of the weekend.

It hurts like hell when I do it, but I can do it. 45 days after my surgery, I can essentially kick my own butt. Very happy about this. I read the forskolin review this weekend and I think I might try it, anything to cut down my cellulite.


Her: I hate going to work.
Me: You totally should have married someone rich.
Her: I know!

My workload, the injury, and the medical bills – which are piling up even with insurance – is not helping my sleep. Been up several nights this past week thinking of all sorts of things.

As a small positive, recently read an article by the Atlantic entitled The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like, which is as self-explanatory an article title as one can hope for.

Was feeling good enough to make a vat of chili so between the freezer full of frozen chili, the 155 degree bend, and the license to drink as much coffee as I can handle, it’s not been a bad weekend.

OK, Monday…let’s go…

Location: getting ready to take a walk
Mood: hard to say
Music: let’s go all have a beer ‘Cause everybody loves an accident
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6 replies on “Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy”

"You totally shoulda married someone rich." "I know!" – You guys are cute!

Glad you can kick your butt again!

Yay- Unlimited coffee! What's your favorite type of coffee? Make sure you drink a glass a water with every cup a' joe.

In the mood for chili now…. But will have to settle for kimchi soup tonight. Have a nice week Logan ~

Thanks! We think we should take our show on the road – and by "we," I mean just me.

I'm glad about that too!

As for my coffee, I like a medium roast drip coffee. I like espresso drinks like lattes but they make me bouncy.

We just had some more chili now. She's slowly learning the joy that is a monstrous bowl of red.

You have a great week yourself!

have u ever posted ur chili recipe? i made an "easy" chili and it turned out well. everyone loved it. i've looked up recipes and they get quite complex. not sure if the extra effort is worth it when the easy one gets rave reviews.

please don't let your ego get in the way of your recovery. pain is fine but hurts like hell = injuring urself again.

sleepytime tea + spoonk mat + bach's "white chestnut" flower essence = better night's sleep. a sleeping mask and a nice lavender spray helps too.

also i will be in nyc next weekend and need ur help with some recommendations. my friend and i are celebrating my birthday in nyc. one day in manhattan and one day in brooklyn. i don't want to do touristy things but want to have two fun-filled, jam-packed days of goodness. i call these "pretend suz lives in nyc and this is her typical saturday/sunday schedule." last time i was in nyc (a few years ago) u gave me some good recommendations too. the only thing on my lists which is a must is bouchon bakery. i went in napa and it was amazing and i've been dreaming about those goodies lately. i am food-motivated.

i know nothing about brooklyn except it seems to be hipster central. in manhattan i usually end up staying around midtown or below 40th. i don't make it past 50th and have never been to central park or the UWS/UES.

any suggestions are much appreciated!

I did post my chili recipe a while ago, but on an LJ picturing food site:

But if I have time, I make it with seasoned chuck steak although we are trying to eat less beef these days.

As for something to do in NYC, I wrote some entries on that like:

You can drop me an email if you'd like: logan607 at hotmail. What are you most interested in? Eating, people watching, unique things, museums, etc?

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