Woodwork and a stay in Manhattan

We had part of our floors redone so we used it as an excuse to stay at a local hotel near us as a mini-staycation. We love being tourists in our own city.

We’ll take any excuse for a staycation

Had some carpenters come into the pad to fix some flooring. They were supposed to come at 8:30 on Saturday but instead they showed up at 11:30.

That’s the thing with a lot of service people; they’re very flaky. I find that if they’re very responsive, I’m their customer for life.

Having said that, they did a seriously bang-up job on the floors. Essentially, part of it was damaged a long time ago by a previous occupant. They came in, tore up that entire section, replaced the wood, and stained/sealed it so that it looks exactly like the old wood.

Because we weren’t really sure that they’d get it all done in a day, the wife and I booked a hotel a few blocks south of us called On the Avenue.

Turned out that we didn’t need to stay there since the work was done so quickly but we like being tourists in our own city neighborhood. We had an early dinner at Serafina, an early night at the hotel and were back at home with our need wood floors the next day.

And more pizza the next day to boot.

Her: Oh, did you put that slice of pizza into the oven for me?
Me: (pause) Yes?
Her: (suspicious) Really?
Me: (pause) Yes?

When I’m hungry, common sense is the first thing to go.

Location: waiting for the summer heat to return
Mood: anxious
Music: everybody’s gotta get there somehow and I won’t wait
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4 replies on “Woodwork and a stay in Manhattan”

That bed looks so comfy!!

I am living through reno type issues right now, that are moving along at a snail pace. It’s shocking how little customer skills some people have!

It was a king-sized bed so it was VERY comfy. I wish we had room for one here in the house. It was a really restful stay.

I’m as surprised as you with the customer skills comment; after all, they make their living based upon hundreds of individual customers. I don’t know how they survive!

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