President’s Day 2014

My book was released on iTunes and Nook this past Friday, which was really exciting. And I wrote a blog entry for the West Side Rag. Not a bad week.

The book is (mostly) out

My book on dating, A Great First Date, was released on iTunes and Nook this past Friday, which was exciting.

I was surprised how many purchases were made early on so I’m assuming you guys had a lot to do with that, so thanks!

Was also pretty happy that so many of my friends and family helped get the word out about it.

On a slightly disappointing note, it turns out that Kindle doesn’t release books immediately – they only update their databases on Thursday. Bit of a downer because I know that most people buy ebooks on Kindle.

Still, it’s scheduled to be out by next Friday on Kindle, so that’s a plus. And you could always buy the Kindle version it directly from the publisher Smashwords and use this coupon code for 10% off: PY72Z.

All-in-all, though, pretty happy with how it went, and there are a few more marketing ideas that I’m working on but more on that later.

One thing that I did do was to write a blog entry about dating spots in the Upper West Side – my nabe – for a popular local blog called the West Side Rag.

Besides that, not much else to announce except that work is piling up, as is the snow. Evidently, there’s more coming overnight. Can’t wait for it to stop.

And I’m talking about both work and snow.

Finally, that photo above was taken when we went over to the New York Historical Society in honor of President’s Day today.

Evidently Groupon thought that Alexander Hamilton was a US president, which is a whole blog entry for another time.

Thanks again for the support!

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