Still wishing for the other side

Lately, been wishing to be on the other side of things. Life’s a lotta wait and see.

A lot of life is waiting to get over there, where ever that is

Another doctor’s appointment yesterday. If there was some sort of medical frequent flyer miles program, I’d be able to take a world-trip by now.

Maybe two.

On that note, I still kind of daydream from time-to-time about being on the other side, which is usually just someplace that’s not here. Bruges, Paris, Taipei… someplace else.

We’re supposed to get another storm so maybe someplace warm.

But lately, been wishing to be on the other side of these things I’m dealing with at the moment. Suppose it’ll all come when it comes.

Life is a lotta wait and see.

On the plus side, got some sleep last night. Things look radically different after a good night’s sleep.

Few more of those and the other side won’t be quite so far away.


On another  positive note, I actually have a ridiculous 3,000 fans on my Facebook page for A Great First Date.

And the book is being released on Friday, hopefully on Amazon as well – it’s already available for pre-order on iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

I’ll probably be posting on Friday when it’s out. Oh, and I fixed up the web page too.

Consider buying a copy, or 12.

Location: in front of two screens again, waiting
Mood: hopeful
Music: I’ll lie, cheat, I’ll beg, and bribe, to make you well
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5 replies on “Still wishing for the other side”

NY looks like my neck of the woods. I’ve been dreaming of dropping everything and moving somewhere warm. Why did our ancestors move north?

And hope things are getting (slowly but surely) better with all those doctor visits.

Thanks – we just got another few inches of snow here. It’s never ending.

As for all the doctor’s visits, it’s a marathon so it’ll take a while. But maybe slowly and surely is the best way.

Thanks again, Alana!

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