Heading out for Halloween

Went out for Halloween – the first time in years. It still feels weird being social. But it was fun and I had nice company.

A lifetime ago

Went to a friend’s place for Halloween with Gymgirl – you can see how I’m dressed above.

Me: I like your hair that way.
Gymgirl: I get it, I look better and less homeless.

Reminded me of last year when Alison, the kid, and I were the bat family.

Everything that should be nice and fun is never just that. Everything reminds me of stuff.

But I did have a nice night out with friends, which is always a good thing.

On that note, Gradgirl’s finishing up school here and heading abroad in a month or so.

Me: I wanted to say thanks for the company.
Her: (laughing) I could say the same.
Me: Maybe we’ll see each other again someday. If I can get my head on right.
Her: You’ll always love your wife. And that’s one of the things I find attractive about you. But…
Me: I know. That wasn’t our deal anyway.
Her: No, it wasn’t. Let me know if you’re ever by me.
Me: (nodding) Paris was nice the last time I went. That was a lifetime ago.

Location: on my white couch, looking at pictures of my family
Mood: conflicted
Music: I’m always thinking of you, but my words just blow away

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7 replies on “Heading out for Halloween”

Hello, Logan. It’s the chick from Canada again. I tried to find my last comment so I could reply to your reply but I failed. I found an epic number of email addresses on file for you and thought I’d be in touch that way but who is to know if such old contacts are still valid? I don’t blog anymore, I just have a rarely updated Flickr account. Old school to the max. I just wanted to see how you’re getting along. I’m cheered by your latest reports. I think of you often, because you said something to me late one night on the phone and it’s still with me years later. I was complaining about something I was displeased with and you said something along the lines of, “when you are ready to make a change, you’ll make the change.” Maybe it was a throwaway comment but it stuck to my brain. Anyway, as of late my life has been full of change (chock full of change, in fact) and yanno, man…I was finally ready and it’s finally happening. Cheers to you, wise fella. Also, I think maybe I own more hand sanitizer than you. Sorry about your boy doing the unthinkable in the tub 🙂

Hey there – I’ll shoot you an email later on today. I want to hear more about the changes!

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