Fueled by carbs and optimism

Don’t wanna be most people

A girlie that lived in my building ages ago randomly gave me a ring the other night.

With the exception of one female friend, on a spectacularly drunken night, years ago, I’ve never made out with a female friend. She’s gay, I don’t know why, but I feel this has a bearing on the rest of this story.

In any case, I think that’s part of the reason that so many women reach out to me to chat or ask for my opinion/help, because they know I won’t become creepy.

It’s a good thing, especially since it helps me understand women more, since – evidently – I don’t understand some women at all.

She’s 31 now but I met her when she was like 17 or something so she’ll always just be a kid to me, which is probably a good thing for all involved parties.

Although she still wants to set me up with her friends.

Yes, I used the wrong “your.” These things happen.

Clearly, more of you need to read my blog to realize what you’re potentially doing to your friends by setting them up with a fella like me.

In any case, it’s funny; most men think women have it easier, a lotta women think men have it easier, I’m here to tell you that dating in general stinks.

Trying to find someone that’s a perfect blend of attractive, high-value, and compatible is ridonk difficult.

Most people settle and I don’t ever wanna be most people.

On that note, I saw my other female friend the other day as well. She just gutted her living room and we were talking about where to put a small table.

Her: I wanted to see if 30 inches would fit.
Me: Phrasing.
Her: (laughing) As I said it, I heard it myself.

She also made some homemade donuts that I couldn’t eat so that was disappointing.

She told me about her dating life as well but that’s an entry for another time.

Honestly, I take it as a point of pride that I have such a low creep factor with women.

I’m hoping my kid will have the same, which appears to be the case.

That girl he met a few weeks ago lives near us and her mom and her came to pick him to bring him to their pad for a playdate.

Her: Hi! I’m Jane, Stella’s mom. Is he ready?
Me: Yup! I’ll pick him up at 5:30?
Her: Perfect. (pause) Um, I feel that I should tell you that…I read your blog.
Me: I’m sorry, what?
Her: I’m a reader of your blog. I’ve been reading it since Love in a Ten-Block Radius with Rain.
Me: Get outta town!
Her: (laughing) Yup. Since AsianAvenue.

That was a kick in the head. I was super flattered.

Actually spent this afternoon hanging out with her husband, also a lawyer, watching the kids play in the park.

Me: (looking at my son running around) That kid is fueled by carbs and optimism.
Him: (laughing) Those are good things.
Me: Yeah. He’s happy and hopeful. (thinking) The world hasn’t beaten it out of him yet. I’m gonna try to keep it that way for as long as I can.

Location: a park with elephants and two laughing children
Mood: less conflicted
Music: we were such a mess, but wasn’t it the best? (Spotify)
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