Belle and the Tacos

This whole entry is about tacos, broadly speaking, but also on relationships and friendships. As an aside, what is a taco but a Mexican gyro?

A serious taco kick

Her: (coming out of my bathroom with a Taco Bell bag) Were you eating tacos in your bathroom?!
Me: (silent shrug)
Her: Is this full?! (opens up bag) There’s a taco in here! You left a taco in your bathroom?!
Me: I sense judgement in your tone.
Her: What were you doing with a bag of tacos in your bathroom?!
Me: I feel the answer to that is self-evident.

Been on a taco kick lately and was in the mood for some Taco Bell but the nearest one to me is on 51st Street.

However, the weather’s been amazeballs in NYC lately, so we decided to take the walk from the UWS to Hell’s Kitchen, which is the next neighborhood south of us.

We picked up some tacos at Taco Bell but since it was just the two of us – sans kids – we decided to walk more.

We found ourselves at Rudy’s, which is a NYC institution – their claim to fame is that for $5, you can get a beer, some well scotch, and a hot dog.

Unlimited hot dogs, actually…

Her: That sounds like it’s right up your alley.
Me: Y’think?!

But we ended up not going in since we just had all those tacos – amongst other issues.

Still, because we were out, we snuck into another Mexican restaurant and had some margaritas.

Me: Does it get any better than tacos and day drinking?
Her: (laughing) I don’t think so.

No umbrellas, though.

We were both perfectly full and lightly buzzed, so we walked alla way back up to the UWS.

My buddy Cotton asked me how the Firecracker and I were doing, and I told him that we took that walk and he brought up Taco Bell all on his own, without any prompting.

Me: We’re great! What about you two?
Him: Pretty good – we’re going to a costume party this week and we’re going as Taco Bell.
Me: Taco Bell?
Him: Yup – she’s gonna be a taco and I’m gonna be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
Me: Dude, I’m as straight as the day is long but if you two ever break up, I’m happy to sit her down and tell her what an absolutely *terrible* mistake she’s making.
Him: (laughing) Thanks.

Clearly, it’s a sign that I need more tacos. After all, what is a taco but a Mexican gyro?

You’ll note that I was too busy eating all these tacos to take a single picture of one.

Location: home, the whole day, waiting for some plumbers
Mood: sans tacos so…not great
Music: The better things I have to say will fall to you (Spotify)

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