I’ll probably say the same thing every year

Another September 11th – everything changes and everything stays the same

On the way to my gym class the other day, ran across a young boy, his mom, and an older fella playing on a foosball table at Herald Square. Motioned to the mother, holding Syd, if I could take a picture of them. She hesitated but I smiled and she smiled and nodded.

Another day in the big city.


Recently, a fella called in a bomb scare because he wanted to get back at his current girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. He’d evidently posted pictures on Facebook – post-breakup – of her in compromising positions.

In any case, the guy that made the call got arrested, and the ex-boyfriend got arrested also cause it turned out he had outstanding warrants against him.

It just goes to prove my theory that your friends – and those you surround yourself with – mirror you.

Me: So she went from dating an obvious douchebag to dating another douchebag.
Her: Yes. The shaded part of the venn diagram for all of them would read, “Douchebag.”


Got a lotta comments and emails regarding my post about writing a good dating profile but: (a) I’m swamped with work and (b) tomorrow is September 11th so I’m feeling a bit pensive. I’ll just address everything at the end of this week or some time next week?

On the topic of September 11th, it’s now been over a decade. Seems hard to believe. Suppose I’ll say the same thing every year.

Which makes sense, cause I’m pretty sure I’ll feel the same around this time, every year.

On a much lighter note, however, my wife Alison has started her own blog called Pure Provender on my second favourite topic: food.

Location: all over the map today
Mood: crazy busy and slightly sad
Music: you’re like a paper aeroplane that never seems to land
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Memorial Day 2011

Logan Lo

Her: It’s days like this that I like living in the city.
Me: What’s there not to like?

Sorry I’ve been posting sporadically; will be busy until about the third week of June. That plus my insomnia’s been rearing it’s ugly head.

Also, my building’s been keeping me on my toes. Not sure if I ever told you but I was my condo president for years and still manage partsa it. For example, I just cleared the roof again. Last night, a tenant got locked out at 1AM and was trying to figure out how to get her in until 2AM – finally managed to get her in.

My neighbor moved out of my building yesterday too. It was kinda sad although with things like FB, people don’t really ever leave your Venn Diagram anymore, they just show up less.

Suppose the more interesting thing’s that he’s the 11th neighbor I’ve had in 15 years. That’s how long I’ve been in this building. Strikes me as all sortsa crazy.

HG and I spent the Memorial Day weekend in the Five Boroughs – mosta the city heads elsewhere but for us, it’s a vacation cause the buildings’re still here, but the people clear out. It’s nice to have some peace and quiet and we both like hearing about the good things the nation does for it’s soldiers. Good new’s always welcome.

Now if I could just get some normal sleep.

Location: home, enjoying the quiet
Mood: beat
Music: Let them say of me I was one who believed
YASYCTAI: Enjoy the quiet if you can. (60 mins/1 pt)



We are all we know

The subway’s never empty. Unless you’re an insomniac. Then they’re empty a hellva lot.


Thought about some of the people I’ve met recently and in the not-so-distant past. For some strange reason, I also thought of a girl I dated once. It’s the fall.

Part of the reason I think I liked her was because she said that every person that ever went out with her treated her like crap (I’m weird like that). When she told me that, I thought of Eponine from Les Mis.

The book’s a little different from the musical. In the book, there’s this one scene where she’s tossed a stale piece of bread. Starving, she pounces on it like a crazed animal. The hard bread hurts her teeth but she says that she knows the bread is good because it’s hard.

See, Eponine has no concept that there’s such a thing as bread that’s not rotten and not hard. It’s all she knows.

Tried to treat the ex nicely – never did find out if she she thought I did. Random, right?

As for me, well, my friends think I’m lucky because so many people enter and exit my Venn Diagram.

I’m not sure. You see, it’s all I know…

Location: 20:30, getting caught in some rain in Bayside
Mood: exhausted
Music: through the clouds Memories come rushing up to meet me now


November’s a cold month

It was a rough weekend

Ran into Gshok at church yesterday and we grabbed dinner afterwards:

Her: I had to get rid of friends that weren’t good for me.
Me: I’m glad I made the cut.

Her: Since you asked: (a) Your blog entries are a bit vague; (b) you’re too preoccupied with girls; and (c) you come off as a bit of a drama queen.
Me: (nodding slowly) Glad I asked.


It was a rough weekend for me for a multitude of reasons. Mainly, though, it was because I think GES and I had our last Saturday cup of coffee for a while.

Me: …situation, if that makes a difference. My mind’s just fixed on getting outta this financial hole I’m in. (pause) Look, you’re catching me at a really…
Her: Just let me know if anything miraculously changes in your life.
(insert awful silence here) Goodbye Logan.

You know, the subway here in NYC just never runs on time. It never runs on time.

Unless someone’s exiting your Venn Diagram. Then it’s train on time.

Location: 04:00 yest, cabing from 86th and 3rd to home
Mood: disappointed
Music: So … She says it’s time she goes