It doesn’t matter

If you don’t know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter what road you take

Traffic sign in Flushing Queens, NY.

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree.
“Which road do I take?” she asked.
“Where do you want to go?” was his response.
“I don’t know,” Alice answered.
“Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.”

Had quite the weekend because of the show but that’s tomorrow’s entry.

So I considered locking this blog and or not writing anymore, but then again, rum and women notwithstanding, I live a fairly boring life.

I’m surprised you’re still here.

Decided to continue writing as usual. Pretty much made all my choices and so much of my life is out there already. It’s like putting toothpaste back into a tube. Anyway, writing is for public consumption. Anything else, and you’re just a nutcase with a notebook. Here’re my thoughts:

  • Regarding potential women, we both know that my love life’s a train wreck all on its own, with or without this blog.
  • Regarding past women, there’s a reason they and I live separate lives. After some thinking, I’m assuming that since they want no part of my life, why would they read about it?*
  • Regarding employment, I’ve essentially not had a real job since 1999. Why start now?

While I’m writing about the show tomorrow, I gotta mention that Furison came and said that I was absurdly hot. This brings the total number of times, I’ve been called that to…1. She said other nice things about 72nd to Canal but, let’s be honest, I only saw absurdly hot and eye-candy mainstay.

Her comments on my pictures do shed light to this blog entry; oh well, it’s still not a bad way to start the week.

Not a bad way at all.

*Coincidentally, I just had a woman from my past visit me – I guess I’ll have write about that later too.

Location: 7:30PM Yest, standing in church by myself
Mood: surprised
Music: the finish line’s a good place we could start

My real life

 Have I blinked and missed it all?

Logan Lo in Prague
Reading by the Vltava river, two years ago.

The show’s tomorrow but I’m in the attic of my mind right now, putting stuff away.

I spent 34 years waiting for my real life to begin.

Now, I’m worried that I’ve blinked and missed it.

I’ll be back writing on Monday.

I think.

1:26:32 AM
Location: yest. @ 2PM, an office, getting another job offer I’ll never take
Mood: nostalgic
Music: Any minute now my ship is coming in

(Not) Back in the picture

Some breakups take longer than others

Blue Jean Eyes and I were orbiting for a bit more but I didn’t mention it because I wasn’t sure how it’d shake out. Turns out I was right; fifteen days later, we’re total strangers.

Suppose that’s just how it goes.


There’s a new book called Send which basically says, think twice before you do anything online as once it’s up, it’s there forever. This is turning out to be very disturbingly true:

I did work for a short film, Cycle, years ago. Apparently it’s being shown someplace because I got a email from a girl asking me if I was the same Logan Lo.

Someone else said that she read about me from a random article in a local paper.

Just Googled my name and this blog showed up.

Getting a sinking feeling that if I ever look for a job (or a chick), I’m screwed.

I should re-think this blog, maybe…

Location: @3PM yest., Walker & 6th Ave
Mood: uncomfortable
Music: angel in disguise Chinese-speaking girlfriend big brown eyes

All set

Kindness is seriously underrated

View of ship at South Street Seaport in 2007

Anyone that’s read this blog knows that I think people, as a whole, are scumbags. Individually, though, there’re some great ones.

As I mentioned before, Jaerik took it upon himself to pimp out the show as did AZN Concerts. So_yun sent us a check outta pity and Evul bought four tickets for the same reason even though he can’t come – we’re not proud, we’ll take it.

Finally, a good friend heard I wasn’t sleeping so she called me late last night and ended up singing to me though she denies it (“you’re delusional“) . Between her and CindyE I’ve got a chorus line going on.

Kindness is seriously underrated. Even Blue Jean Eyes (who may hate me at this point, though I’m not sure why) is sending me back a jacket I left at her place.

Now, if someone would send me some soup the next time I’m sick, I’ll be all set.

Location: -20 mins, on 79th St. fixing shoes
Mood: happy
Music: Why’d you have to be so cute It’s impossible to ignore


 A lot’s happened and it’s only Monday

View from inside Grey's Papaya's on 72nd and Broadway

Someone just sang to me. It was very sweet. It just happened so I guess I’ll write about it later.

Spent the day returning to my normal life. Last week was…interesting, to say the least. I think my earliest night ended at 1 AM. Here’s a brief recap:

  • Had dinner on Tuesday with a potential candidate for NYS Senator – I’m going to be his internet strategist.
  • Was out until 3AM drinking rum in the middle of the week with the third ranked amateur middleweight NHB fighter in the country. The night ended when we tried to pick fights with bigger people (ok, that didn’t happen – but just imagine!)
  • Traveled upstate to visit a burned out building and a vast tract of land.
  • Spent four hours in the gym in one day.
  • Slept a total of 30 hours for the week.
  • Got elbowed in the head (accident) and I actually saw those birds you see in the cartoons.

Quite a week – it’s only Monday and I’ve already a song in my head.

Wonder what’s in store for me this week?

Location: @11:36 PM yest., on the phone in my pad, listening
Mood: grateful
Music: It’s bad enough we get along so well

What’s your definition?

We all have our own definitions of love


Somena called late the other night. We only ever talk when it’s late.

I thinks that’s a good definition although mine is a bit different but the same. I’ll write it up some time.
Me: Fair enough – what’s your definition?
Her: (pause) Did you hear the lyrics to Cigarettes by the Wreckers? There’s a line that goes “someday I won’t have to prove ‘Cause somebody will see all my worth.” That’s what I think. It’s when somebody just thinks you’re great; you’re awesome.
Me: (thinking) If that’s what it is then, I guess no, I haven’t had it in a while. Besides, I don’t…
Her: Stop. The right person will see. She’ll think you’re awesome. Even if you’re not. You know how the line ends? It goes “until then I’ll do just fine on my own.” You always do just fine, you’re always fine.
Me: (pause) It’s too bad we’re so alike…
Her: (laughing) We’d kill each other. Get some sleep. Nite, Logan.
Me: Nite, Somena.

What’s your definition?

Stand Still, Look Pretty
Stand Still, Look Pretty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Location: @5PM, yest. @Mott & Hester St., talking my way outta a ticket
Mood: pensive
Music: I might like The quiet nights of this empty life


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72c Promos – The Little Guy

The Standard conversation of New York

You know the drill – try and make it if you can.

A thank you to Jaerik and So_yun for some very undeserved kindness I will tell you about when I don’t have a fifth of rum in me.

It’s been quite a week; good and bad. I should write more of it but I’m beat and bending time. I will.

Got back to the city tonight and Hazel called me and asked me I wanted to go out with her and 13 women. Who am I to say no?

Wish there was some story to tell you besides countless instances of the Standard (“Who do you know, what do you do, where are you from, blah, blah, blah”) from me and to me.

There isn’t.

Still, whenever I do the Standard two or more times in one night, I know that I should go home and go to bed. Must have done it more than half-a-dozen times tonight. You should try to avoid it, as should I.

I should also try and get used to being in my bed by myself.

I’ll try.

Location: @2:30AM, 118 10th Ave, explaining why
Mood: exhausted
Music: I wish you’d take a walk in my shoes for a start

72nd to Canal Promo #4 – Comic Books

I’m still traveling.

I was in charge of finding a place to screen 72nd to Canal and I wasn’t having much luck:

Him: Are you sure?
Me: Of course I’m sure, I passed the bar exam in one shot! I have a JD! I’m an ivy league grad! I think I know how to make a phone call.
Him: (pause) You know you gotta dial a (1) first…
Me: Are you even listening to me?
Him: Did it ring?
Me: (pause) You know I have to kill you now.

Location: I’d rather not say.
Mood: tired
Music: I find myself shaking in the middle of the night

I need to sleep

Meeting more and more people

Hello! I am 34 and trying to find my way through the world; if you’ve already made it, won’t draw me a map? I’m here and I’m trying to get there.

When I sober up tomorrow, I’m sure that’ll all make perfect sense.

Until then, I have my red, red rum to help me forget all the other colours.

Then again, if I had a better story, would I be writing this to you?

Location: some small bar in some small world
Mood: inebriated
Music: hold on Just give me something

What to do?

72nd to Canal promo: Abraham Lincoln

Long post. I come to you with questions. But first, some background:

Her: Do you only date non-asians?
Me: (puzzled) Most the women I’ve dated have been Asians. In fact, I’ve only dated two four that weren’t. I’m equal opportunity.
Him: Yeah, everyone deserves an opportunity to be miserable with Logan.

With nods to Mylai, I have FOUR weddings to go to in the next two months and I’ve already RSVP-ed with a date as…oh, I’d rather not say, it’s complicated. Anyway, questions for you – answers will be much appreciated (really, I wanna know):

  1. Should I call and tell them all that I’m going stag? Inevitably, I’ll have to say at least 12 times: “I’d rather not say, it’s complicated.”
  2. Should I just bring someone? Pro: no questions. Con: You read this blog, use your imagination. I’m reluctant to bring a friend because weddings are big deals – especially these weddings (man, reading this, I am an idiot).
  3. Unrelated to the above, am I updating this blog too much? I’ve had RIDICULOUS insomnia these days.
  4. Are you enjoying these teasers/promos?

We’ve got a crapload of them coming your way.

Location: @12PM yesterday, hurtling up Route 9A
Mood: disappointed
Music: baby don’t waste your time I know what’s on your mind

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