Staten Island, Ferries, Pigeons, and Horse heads.

Went to Staten Island where I crossed paths with a pigeon. Then went to Central Park and saw a woman in a suit and a horsehead playing an accordion. Strange town, NYC.

My home’s a strange town, but it’s home

Relaxing on a summer day in Central Park
Went to Staten Island to meet up with a client. Was the first time on the ferry since the turn of the century.

As I left the terminal, a pigeon was on his way in.
Pigeon in St. George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island

Stopped to snap some pics of artwork.

Painted egg artwork in George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island

It’s peaceful there. Whenever people talk about New York City, they usually just mean Manhattan.

But New York City isn’t just Manhattan, it’s also The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

Heading back into Manhattan from Staten Island on the ferry

Headed back in to Manhattan and finished up the work week.

Over the weekend, the wife and I went to Central Park where we saw a woman in a suit wearing heels and a horse head while playing an accordion.

Her: Is that a woman in a suit wearing heels and a horse head while playing an accordion?
Me: I think so.
Her: Well, that’s something new.

A woman in Central Park wearing a suit, heels and a horsehead playing the guitar.

Location: home
Mood: good
Music: I’d go black and blue, I’d go crawling down the avenue.
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6 replies on “Staten Island, Ferries, Pigeons, and Horse heads.”

I don’t think I’ve seen a unicorn around town here before. The horse heads are more common than I would have thought tho.

In NYC, I’m surprised there are unicorns playing the banjo and serving me coffee.

We get all types here. All types.

I’m quite surprised that it’s free to ride the ferry to/from Staten Island. Wish more places allow for free travel.

I was too when I first took it years ago. It does make sense though, in that it would be a crush of people waiting to swipe at a turnstile at the last minute each time.

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