My favorite things

My list of favorite things has changed in the last six months.

May be ok

The kid

For those long time readers of my blog, you know my favorite drink at home is aged rum – on the rocks with a slice of orange, to be specific.

And when I’m out and about, find it hard to resist a daiquiri or an old fashioned with rye.

My favorite foods are chiligyros, and dumplings. In no particular order.

My favorite place in the world is the pier at Riverside Park. My favorite thing to wear is my yellow leather jacket. My favorite things to do are wrassling, fencing, and cooking. In no particular order.

And up until five months ago, my favorite time of day was 10PM, when I went to bed and chatted with my favorite girl about our respective days.

But for the past five months, my favorite time of day has been 7:30 at night.

Because that’s when I would take a shower in my blue bathroom. And with the running water coming out of the best shower head and an exhaust fan that sounds like a wind turbine, I could lean against the shower wall and weep without my wife or little boy knowing.

For the first two months, it was every night I wasn’t in the hospital. Every goddamn night.

As the weeks wore on, it wasn’t every night, but it was still probably most nights.

But as of last week, my favorite time of day is the morning, when I take Alison out to the living room and she sees the baby wearing her pregnancy necklace and smiles.

And he smiles back at her and laughs. My two favorite people in the world.

For just a moment, I think that everything may be ok.

I wish and wish and wish…


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9 replies on “My favorite things”

It’s exciting news to be sure; but we’re still at least five years away from it to be available to people like Alison. I hold out hope that she’s around in five years to find out.

Yes, hence your letter to Biden was on point! I have faith in you and your family. Keep on fighting! I know its really hard at times, and people say it takes a village to fight cancer, especially a vicious one like GSB. Keep on writing. You do the writing and I do the praying!

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