A night on Pier 17 with Mike and Andy

Went out with RE Mike to a concert that I didn’t get to see. But it’s fine, I stuffed my fat face and enjoyed the open bar.

A wall of donuts

While the kid was away, RE Mike sent me a buncha invites but I couldn’t go to most of them because of timing. Still, one of them was too good to pass up.

It was a private party with a top-shelf open bar and the invite said, “Come hungry.”

Him: I’ve never seen an invite that says, “Come hungry,” before.
Me: Welp, I do as I’m told.

Don’t think I’ve ever taken my wallet out once for anything RE Mike’s ever taken me to.

But that’s not even the kicker, the kicker was that Andy Grammer – and I’m a fan – was going to be singing in a private concert to boot.

The last time I went to the South Street Seaport it looked completely different. They completely redeveloped it in 2017, while my world was crashing down around me.

It was almost 15 years ago when I last went there with Elle. The time before that was to catch another concert with Camera Obscura and the Grey-Eyed Texan.

So, I was looking to catch another concert there after all these years.

Mike’s wife actually grew up in the same town as Alison and they made plans to get together before everything went to shit.

She and Mike have a kid that’s younger than mine, so I dropped the boy off with her while Mike and I went out.

Me: Man, it’s like nuthin’s changed after all these years; we’re still out and about and you’re still floating me in.
Him: What else are we going to do? Just sit at home?
Me: Well, that was the original plan, but life got in the way.
Him: (sighing) I know. I’m sorry.
Me: (nodding)

In any case, the joint was packed.

Packed, I say.

Ran into people that I’ve not seen in years. Some of them asked me where I’ve been but that’s kinda why I wanted to avoid all these people for so long and hung out with a whole new set of people: Just didn’t wanna rehash things.

Her: What have you been up to all this time?
Me: Oh, you know…the usual.

Think the reason why RE Mike and other people invite me out is that I can go to pretty much any party and both be good company as well as go off and do my own thing.

Him: Where have you been?
Me: (shrugging) Making some new friends. This is Lauren. (turning to bartender) Lauren, this is RE Mike. Can you make us a pina colada?
Her: God no. But I can make you something stronger and better.
Me: Sold.

It was weird being out with RE Mike again. Like I just said, it’s like nuthin happened when so much did.

Andy Grammar didn’t take the stage until late but it was a school night and, as much as I wanted to see the show, I knew I had to get the boy and get him back to bed.

Her: Wait, you’re gonna miss the concert!
Me: I know, it’s fine. There’s a little boy on West 8th Street, waiting for me. (noticing her face) It’s my son.
Her: But you’re not married?
Me: No. Long story for another time.
Her: Take my number, I might need a lawyer in the future.
Me: (laughing) Take my number then. (hand her my card).

Found RE Mike and we were on the way out when we noticed a wall of donuts.

A. Wall. Of. Donuts. #merica

Him: You’re not having one? (reaches for one)
Me: (shaking head) Carbs. (later) Sorry to make you leave before the concert, man.
Him: (shrugging) I’m a dad too, now. It’s fine. [I can get you into these things all the time, you know that.]
Me: (nodding) Thanks for always inviting me out.

As for the kid, he was happy as a clam when I went to go pick him up from Mike’s wife.

It was bittersweet; she’s a doll (and a doctor to boot) and I know that she and Alison woulda been fast friends.

They met only once, and I didn’t even mention it in this entry because I thought I’d have time to slowly introduce her to you.

We always think we have time, and we never realize how little we have until it’s way, way too late.

I almost never hung out with them. It was too much for me to bear.

He and his wife bought another pad in a town that Alison and were going to go to. Haven’t visited yet. Not sure I ever will.

Anywho, wanted to mention that Andy Grammer gets flack because he’s relentlessly upbeat. I don’t get that.

Reality is such shit, why wouldn’t you want positivity if you can get it?

I’ll add him to the list of people to someday see in concert.

When I don’t have to pick up the kid, that is.

Speaking of the kid, the walk home with the boy was interesting but this is getting long so I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Location: Bayside, telling someone he was about to make a terrible mistake if he swung
Mood: pretty good, I gotta say
Music: good to be alive right about now (Spotify)
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