It’s called Brunch

Met up with friends this weekend trying to reintegrate into society. Here’s Friday into Saturday morning.

Meeting up with friends

Burgers and Lobsters at Burger and Lobster

My friend Gradgirl came by Friday night for a movie.

Her: I brought vodka.
Me: You know I have a ton of rum, right?
Her: (shrugging and pulling out a bottle of vodka from bag) Just in case.

We ended up drinking far more than either of us intended.

Her: I have to crash here.
Me: OK. You’ll get a donut and coffee for breakfast.
Her: (laughing) Why?
Me: You’re my guest. My guests get a donut and coffee for breakfast.

Then Saturday morning met up at Burger and Lobster with my friends Kung – Alison was the girl in the third convo in that link – and Nadi. It’s been ages since I saw them. They’re part of my friends that knew Alison so it was difficult seeing them.

Managed to only break down twice with them, which, trust me, is a huge improvement.

Me: The truth is that I married Alison because she was the only person I knew I could be faithful to. Once I met her, I knew I was done.
Nadi: (laughing) Oh, we all knew she had your number the day she met you.

Which isn’t to say it was all tears and rain.

Server: OK, who ordered the pineapple cider?
Me: (turning to Nadi) Ummm, her?
Nadi: Sheyahright.

Kung ended up buying us all brunch.

Me: (to Kung) Thanks for…lunch? Breakfast?
Nadi: (exasperated) Brunch! It’s called brunch, Logan.
Me: I’ve been dealing with a lot.
Kung: Anytime, Logan. I’m right across the park.

Pineapple cider

Location: home, making eggs for the boy
Mood: tired
Music: You and me, always between the lines

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