Memorial Day 2011

Logan Lo

Her: It’s days like this that I like living in the city.
Me: What’s there not to like?

Sorry I’ve been posting sporadically; will be busy until about the third week of June. That plus my insomnia’s been rearing it’s ugly head.

Also, my building’s been keeping me on my toes. Not sure if I ever told you but I was my condo president for years and still manage partsa it. For example, I just cleared the roof again. Last night, a tenant got locked out at 1AM and was trying to figure out how to get her in until 2AM – finally managed to get her in.

My neighbor moved out of my building yesterday too. It was kinda sad although with things like FB, people don’t really ever leave your Venn Diagram anymore, they just show up less.

Suppose the more interesting thing’s that he’s the 11th neighbor I’ve had in 15 years. That’s how long I’ve been in this building. Strikes me as all sortsa crazy.

HG and I spent the Memorial Day weekend in the Five Boroughs – mosta the city heads elsewhere but for us, it’s a vacation cause the buildings’re still here, but the people clear out. It’s nice to have some peace and quiet and we both like hearing about the good things the nation does for it’s soldiers. Good new’s always welcome.

Now if I could just get some normal sleep.

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Wedding Celebration 2

Wedding pictures

Although HG and I wanted to keep our wedding to a minimum, her parents threw us a little something out in Hoboken. So we went from having one small thing with just the two of us and her sister to two small things.

I arrived…moist. The weather was muggy with the occasional shower or two; it’s been raining all week.

Chicken on a bed of vegetables pictures

Met mosta her family before but it was nice to have a moment to sit down and actually speak with them. It’s not all of time, but usually people reflect their families and HG’s family was essentially an extension of her.

Felt very welcomed into the family.

Her dad had mentioned to her mom that wedding favors’re never for men, so as a funny aside, she got us wrenches.

Wedding wrench

When her grandma on her mom’s side was telling me a story and said, “…your grandfather…” something.

Made me laugh cause I don’t think she noticed that she said your grandfather rather than HG’s grandfather. Made me thinka my grandma too.

Sat down and spoke with her other grandma too; when I turned cause someone was taking a pic of us, she snuck in a kiss on my cheek and I laughed.

Drinks at the W Hotel

At the night’s end, went with her siblings to a hotel bar where we downed some drinks. Her brother pulled me aside and shook my hand. Welcome to the family, he said.

Me: Ah, you guys are all so nice, if I were a douchebag, you wouldn’t tell me.
Him: Oh, you’d know, you’d know.

Molten Lava Cake

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business dating personal

Having a date night with the wife

Logan Lo

HG and I have a habit of going to local NYC hotels for a quick night or two away from the house. It’s amazing what the word “deluxe” means inside city limits and what it means everywhere else in the world.

Which is not to say we had a bad time. We had dinner at a new restaurant called Tenpenny, where we had great service and some pretty impressive food as well. It’s nice having a date night with the wife. Afterward, we walked back to our hotel and sat at this very old school bar. I actually had an Old Fashioned instead of rum, just to shake things up a bit.

Made it back in time to wrestle for a bit and practice some fencing. My old injuries are bugging me like mad. Have to schedule another appointment with the doc. Growing old sucks but, to paraphrase Maurice Chevalier, it beats the alternative.


Logan Lo

Sunday was church where I spoke to this young lady; she’s dipping her toe back into the dating world.

Her: It’s hard finding the time to date.
Me: Well, you go to work five days a week right? That’s to keep a roof over your head and food on your plate. Finding someone to spend the resta your life deserves at least as much consideration as that, dontcha think?

Speakinga work, client just killed a project I was working on but it’s just as well, this is a busy month.

Trying to stay on topa things’s a lot like playing Whack-A-Mole, yeah?


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nihil novi sub sole

Tribeca in New York

It seems as if I’m a hack. Two things I wrote once, thought I came up all by my lonesome. Turns out I didn’t.
One was my version of Virginia Woolf’s observation that On the outskirts of every agony sits some observant fellow who points.

And perhaps the core tenent of what I believe, that all we are’s mostly dumb luck, Oscar Wilde said far more eloquently: Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.

S’ok, though. cause maybe true things are just true things that people know on some level everywhere.

It’s like I always say, that there’s nuthin new under the sun.

I came up with that, right?


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business personal

Signal versus noise: My plans, my pad, my people, my poison, and my person

From my sis regarding my mom. Except for the Vietnamese and the fact nonea us were ever the valedictorian, it’s pretty accurate.

Find it oddly touching for reasons I can’t fully explain. Says Happy Mother’s Day better than anything I could write so let’s just leave it at that.

Brunch foor

Stayed over at my parents and then had brunch over at my old college buddy’s place downtown over the weekend. A report came out that said that the key to happiness is human relations – you can watch it here.

Sounds right to me, iron sharpens iron and all of that.

The bacon doesn’t hurt, either.

A business blog I read’s named Signal Vs. Noise. The name comes from an engineering phrase that differentiates between the amount of useful information being transmitted versus that which’s just useless noise.

People around me’re always telling me stuff. I could be a great ______ if only I ______.

The assumption is, of course, that I dunno what I’m doing, which’s a bit insulting in and of itself. Actually do have a plan and, despite unexpected calamities, have managed to stick to that plan.

Y’know the difference between strategy and tactics? A strategy’s the big goal (Capture or kill Osama bin Laden); tactics are how you attain that goal (conventional warfare or propaganda). People confuse the two all of time, which’s fine, except when they try to push their inability to differentiate upon me.

My tactics shift constantly, as they should, but my strategy never changes.

There’s this section in Made to Stick where the author talks about the Tapper Game. It’s comprised of two players; one’s a tapper that taps out a song on a table, and the other’s a listener that tries to figure out the song. Participants thought they’d get about 50% right; the actual number was less than 2%.


Cause the tapper, the one tapping out the song, already knew the song in his head and could “hear” it. The one listening to only the tapping couldn’t.

That there’s, in my opinion, about 90% of what’s wrong with all human relationships. The stuff you hear in your head isn’t what the other guy hears. After a while, y’get tired of explaining stuff and either give up or continue to argue.

Am old enough to try and listen to other points of views and make my own decisions. But I’ve got a plan, a strategy, a song I hear in my own head. And I’ve got the results I wanted from these plans – my pad, my people, my poison, and my person. Which means that the song in my head is the right song for me.

And that’s the other thing, it’s my song.

It’s noise to you but signal to me.

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Who are you to tell people what to do?

Logan Lo

Her: Do you ever look or is it an unwritten rule that you don’t look?
Me: We don’t look.
Her: So you guys just stand there and do your business?
Me: Yep. How is it you never talked to other boyfriends about this?


Allow me one little rant.

Am finding on FB and other social sites that people – mostly white people not from NYC and not the least bit affected – keep tsk, tsk, tsk-ing some of our celebrating the death of a man that killed 3,000+ of our friends and family. Anyonea these people could have been me or my kid sister on a given day.

I’m not screaming for joy in the streets but won’t judge the ones that are cause I know nonea their stories.

Look, just cause you find something offensive doesn’t mean it is.

Your opinion as to how I should act means as much to me as your opinion as to what I should have for breakfast.

What you think is your opinion and why should your opinion rule me?


For those of you interested, will be having chili for breakfast. Cause that’s what I do.


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YASYCTAI: Know that your opinion’s just that. (lifetime/2 pts)


We have no scar to show for happiness but we have never forgotten your loss

Times Square New York

Won’t lie, am glad they finally killed Osama bin Laden.

Chuck Palahniuk, the fella that wrote Fight Club, once said that It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness.

Suppose that’s the purposea this here blog cause I bear the scars of all that hurt me but easily forget the things that comfort me. Like the chance to look back and remember the small good things as well. It’s odd to think of another man’s death as a good thing and yet, if this isn’t, what is? We all want justice for things, it is a human need.

That quote from William Gladstone, Justice delayed, is justice denied is a quote I kinda agree with but think it’s more that Justice delayed is peace delayed.

If nuthin else, there’s some peace here for some people. My favourite parta the president’s speech last night was when he said to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 that we have never forgotten your loss.

Should the time come, and it will, that the question is asked whether or not there should be a national holiday for 9/11, hope we vote no. Don’t ever wanna open up the paper and see JC Penny’s offering underwear at 50% off on 9/11 Day. Let these people bear their scars quietly and in peace, says me.


One final quote from my friend Lindsay N. by way of Lucy – Pakistan, you have some splainin to do.

They really, really do.


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