2014 YEAR IN REVIEW / Changing my trajectory

The accumulative choices we make in life shapes us the most

Man on Pier in Bermuda

FB’s been showing me my stupid mug for over a week now trying to get me to spam you with my Year in Review.

Joke’s on them: I do my own year in review.

Sunset at sea

This author named Charlie Jones said that You are the same today that you’ll be five years from now except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read.

I disagree. Every little thing we do throughout the year makes subtle changes in our lives that alter its trajectory and make us more broken or more bendy. Some a little, some a lot.

Here are all the little things that I did in 2014 that changed that trajectory, even if only a little bit. I:

Nothing major – at least nothing I can talk about.

Because there are private joys and pain that we all go though and the internet is rarely a good place to put either, I think.

I am really grateful, though, for my family and friends who makes the rough patches not quite so rough. Most of all for my wife.

Her: Did we say, “Until death do us part?”
Me: I think we said death or seven years, whichever comes first.
It’s like Hemingway said, Gradually then suddenly.
Now it’s suddenly almost 2015. Like always, I hope that its good for all of us.

Graffiti covered wall NYC 2013

Under Manhattan Bridge

Central Park in Spring NYC 2014

Logan Lo and Paolo Brion

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One Reply to “2014 YEAR IN REVIEW / Changing my trajectory”

  1. I couldn’t stand FB’s pushy Year in Review – I, of course, refused to do it. As if what I put on FB reflects my personal life and all that broken & bendy action that’s gone down! I love how you put that…I am already pondering what actions made me bendy and otherwise. *cringe*

    I really like your review, and kinda’ wish I did my own. My blog’s bilingual and more about travel – and I do not want to translate my personal story into French either! I’ve been silently reviewing things to myself; how nice to get it down (and have links to boot!).

    Wishing you a fantastic 2015! Great photos.

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